With new life breeds new hope. Author Andy A. Nguyen writes a sincere poem to his son to offer as the foundation of ethics to one’s humanity during those moments of “lost” to fall back on. May new hope also breed a new and more compassionate future.


Dear son,
Fall 2020, you arrived
Born in times more sick and divide,
Still, today and tomorrow 

Have seen better days
Then yesterday’s sorrows.

What man will you become?
Will you hurt or heal? 
Will you give or steal?
Will you serve those who bear the worst?
Or seek only to quench your thirst? 

What about your burdens?
Will you deny and run astray?
Or will you confront and stay?
Will you spread the contagious fears?
Or stand with a courageous spear?

My son,
The choice is yours to make.
Which road will you choose to take?
The path ahead leads to forks
Diverged with challenges
’til the answers uncork.

If you can build your grit, 
To withstand the weather, 
And strike your will 
Each day to become better; 
You will find peace, my son.

If you can walk with your fears 
Wearing your ancestor’s bold 
Among Kings and Queens 
And not let your soul be sold; 
You will find peace, my son.

If you can own your sufferings 
And let the losses be lessons, 
You’ll never be a victim 
Counting your blessings; 
You will find peace, my son.

If you can love yourself 
Even when love has no return, 
Then fill the empty cups 
Letting others have their turn; 
You will find peace, my son.

If you can stand on your own, 
Yet not be an island; 
Serving yourself and those in need, 
But never be a tyrant; 
You will find peace, my son.

If you have found your peace 
Through the chaos arise 
When the omens shine, 
Then rise Peaceful Chief, RISE! 
It will be your time—My Son!