About the Publisher

4th WORLD PRESS is an independent family-owned publisher. Through the magic of literature, visual illustrations, and audio content, we tell stories of compassion and heritage to pass forward. We are building a legacy together. Walk with us!

It started with mutual passions for coffee and tea, books, artistry, and sharing our story - the story of 1st generation Immigrant Americans and how we grew up navigating our way through multiple cultures at the same time. One inside the home and the other outside in society. Together, we merged our creative talents for our first family project, The Day I Woke Up Different. Through the process, our family became stronger as a unit. The respect, love, and admiration we had for one another grew and led us to develop the publishing entity, 4th WORLD PRESS.

The Family

Andy A. Nguyen | Storyteller - Street Dancer - Nurse Practitioner

Thi Doan | Artist - Dogmom - Pharmacist

Phuong Nam Doan
| Baker - Pianist - Clinical Research

Warm Greetings From 4th WORLD PRESS!