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Wing Luke Museum Spring 2021 Book-O-Rama

Author Andy A. Nguyen (The Day I Woke Up Different) had the honor of speaking at the Wing Luke Museum Spring 2021 Book-O-Rama: Conversation with Kids in Seattle, Washington along side Bao Phi (Def Poetry, Hello, Mandrin Duck, My Footprints) with host Farzana Nayani (Raising Multiracial Children). Download Wing Luke Museum's Spring 2021 Catalog

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Eric Carter Chu (blksoap) lecture series on The Day I Woke Up Different

Eric Carter Chu known as blksoap is a middle school ethnic studies educator who recently lectured on The Day I Woke Up Different. Below are clips from his recorded lectures broken up in 4 highlighted episodes. Part 1 - Different Is PowerfulPart 2 - Division Was The PlanPart 3 - Dismantling PatriarchyPart 4 - Asian Elderly Love We are honored to have blksoap break down game on our book. Fun Fact: Eric was an early reader and helped us with his input, which made that book that much better! We are humbled to have blksoap part of the 4th World Village!

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