"I saw my childhood flash through my eyes"

The Day I Woke Up Tammy Read
I seriously wished I had this book while growing up. As I was reading each colorful page, I actually saw myself in BOTH Anh and Quyền in the story, and it is not often for me to experience this as a first-generation American-born. I saw my childhood flash through my eyes, remembering how hard it was to articulate the confusion I felt while growing up in a very non-diverse neighborhood. And to see and read these moments of struggles and encouragement -- made me feel less alone, more proud as a child of Chinese-Vietnamese refugees, and realizing how much love I have for the worlds that exist within my identity, heritage, and culture.

You gotta pick up this book! And you bet this book is going to be the first children’s book I’m going to read to my future children, nieces, and nephews.

Tammy Tran
Co-Founder of Project Yellow Dress