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The Day I Woke Up Different (Ebook)

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Have you ever felt a little different from everyone else? It may be because of the way you look or speak, the foods you eat, or how your family acts. Your differences can be easy to spot, but it may be hard to see how being different can actually be a good thing.  

The Day I Woke Up Different is about a child who is raised in a Vietnamese household and starts noticing the contrasts between their home life and American society outside of it. Standing out can often feel lonely. But, sometimes all it takes is that someone who understands and helps you realize that being different means being unique. And that’s a great thing!

We all have our different parts that make us whole. This is a story about living between cultures, identity, and self-acceptance. This story hopes to inspire you to look at yourself and enjoy all the parts that make you a complete and amazing person.

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